About Me

  I gave birth to my miracle boy/ girl twins on Sept 8, 2015.  It wasn't long that my son Dash started to display feeding difficulties and abnormal behavior.  With the support of family and friends we started our journey to find out the cause.  During this process we saw many doctors and found ourselves spending a lot of time in waiting rooms. While in those waiting rooms, I started drawing flowers.  It was a beautiful distraction.
We finally got an answer, but it took about a year of tests therapies and lots of doctors.  My son Dash has a very rare genetic disorder Mulchandani-Bhoj-Conlin syndrome as well as a genetic mutation.  He also is also on the Autism Spectrum.  His twin sister had delays as well but we always assumed it was because of them being premature.  As she grew it became more evident it was something more.  So back to the doctors we went.
Her diagnosis came faster.  A genetic test showed she has an extra chromosome 21 on some of her cells.  This is a rare form of Down Syndrome called Mosaicism or Mosaic Down Syndrome.
God has blessed me tremendously.  I have an amazing husband, family, and friends.  I am the mother of 2 beautiful children.  Special needs has definitely put us on a different path then I had dreamt of.  I can honestly say it has made me a better person!  I have found a new appreciation for the little things and I now see the importance of every tiny kindness.  My goal is to share my art, encourage inclusion and spread kindness!