About Me

  I gave birth to my miracle boy/ girl twins on Sept 8, 2015.  It wasn't long that my son Dash started to display feeding difficulties and abnormal behavior.  With the support of family and friends we started our journey to find out the cause.  During this process we saw many doctors and found ourselves spending a lot of time in waiting rooms.
Waiting.  Its hard.  You have time to sit and think about the what ifs.  My amazing husband gave me a blank journal.  I remember sitting, I had looked through every social media post and pinterest was giving me anxiety.  I pulled the journal out.  Some beautiful flowers had caught my eye as I was walking into the office.  I put my pen on the paper.  I focused on the image of the flowers in my head and the seconds of beautiful distraction they had granted me.  I started to doodle. Before I knew it the nurse came to get me and then we were off.  After that I always made sure to keep that journal with me.  The peace and distraction I had while drawing in the little journal kept me looking forward instead of counting every tiny second of waiting.
We finally did find the answer but it took about a year of tests therapies and lots of doctors.  My son Dash has a very rare genetic disorder Mulchandani-Bhoj-Conlin syndrome as well as a genetic mutation.  He also has neurodevelopmental delays that puts him on the Autism Spectrum.  God has blessed me tremendously.  I have an amazing husband, family, and friends.  I am the mother of 2 beautiful children.  I have always loved art but never took it seriously or even taken a class after middle school.  The fact that I am able to now have it to express my journey and emotions is a unmistakable blessing.  My goal is to share the joy and peace that it brings me to others.